A Meeting Space Where You Want It!

Have your meeting area where you want it, and have it quick! Lead time just 4 weeks!

A Fully Functioning Brain Storm Box!

And You Don't Ever Have To Worry About Dilapidation Costs!

Curves or Straight Lines...or a Combo

Have Your Pod The Way You Want It. Each Pod is Priced For You, So If You Need Curves, Straight Lines or a Combination, You've Got It!

Divided We Stand!

You Can Break Up Your Meeting Spaces Too! Create an Entire Environment, Economically and with Total Flexibility.

If you have been considering office partitioning as a solution for your meeting space needs, then you need to seriously consider Meeting Pods!

Our free standing meeting pods are the perfect 'quiet space' solution, and are a very affordable option in comparison to traditional office partitioning.  What's more they are installed in hours, not days, and you don't need any building regulations!

You might not even have considered our quiet space pods as an alternative to traditional office partitioning, but if partitioned rooms, meeting areas, boardrooms etc are what you are looking for, then you seriously need to consider a pod.

12-dragons-den-meeting-podOffice Pods make perfect sense.  Especially in a financial climate that is constantly fragile.  None of us know the future of our business.  We may grow, we may shrink.  Either way, with Meeting Pods you have all the flexibility that you could possibly need when it comes to dividing your office space up.  Our quiet space office pods are considered as furniture.  They are furnishings as opposed to fittings.  As a result, they are treated the same as office furniture.  You don't need building regulations in order to put office furniture on your floor!  And the same goes for our pods.  And even more attractive is the fact that you can move them, relocate them and add to them (or take away from them) whenever you need!

And when it comes to relocation, if you're business needs to move office, the pods can be dismantled, relocated and reassembled at your new offices.  No dilapidation costs incurred!  Now you can save a small fortune there alone, compared to if you had chosen to have the classic office partitions installed.